1.20 Ct. Fancy Intense Green VS1 ROUND Lab-Grown


The ROUND shape diamond of 1.20 carat

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The 1.20 carat ROUND shape Lab-Grown of VS1 clarity


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origin: N/A

origin: N/A

Diamonds are precious gemstones formed deep within the Earth`s mantle under immense pressure and heat. Over billions of years, carbon atoms have crystallized to create these dazzling gems. Volcanic eruptions then brought them closer to the Earth`s surface, where they were eventually discovered and mined, making diamonds one of the most sought-after and beautiful natural wonders on our planet.

diamond size: 1.20 ct

A carat is the standard unit of measurement for a diamond`s weight, and it`s important to note that carat weight should not be confused with the physical size of the diamond. One carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. The following scale provides a visual representation of how diamonds tend to increase in size as their carat weight goes up. It`s essential to keep in mind that although the size comparisons below are common, each diamond possesses its distinct characteristics.

(Liberty coin 2019)

cut: Ideal


The term `Cut` in the context of diamonds pertains to the precise angles and proportions of the gemstone. A diamond`s cut encompasses its shape, overall appearance, dimensions including depth and width, and the consistency of its facets. Essentially, the cut of a diamond plays a pivotal role in defining its aesthetic appeal. The level of expertise applied to a diamond`s cut is the key factor in how effectively it captures, reflects, and refracts light, ultimately determining its brilliance and visual allure.

Color: Fancy Intense Green

Color in a diamond refers to its inherent, unchanging hue. This natural coloration remains consistent throughout a diamond`s lifetime. Diamonds come in various colors, and the presence or absence of color significantly impacts their appearance. Colorless diamonds, in particular, permit a greater passage of light, resulting in heightened brilliance and a dazzling display of fire. When light enters a diamond, it acts as a prism, dispersing the light into a spectrum of colors and reflecting these colors as captivating flashes of brilliance, often referred to as fire.

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Clarity: VS1

The clarity of a diamond pertains to the existence of imperfections both on the surface and within the stone. During the extraction of a raw diamond from deep within the Earth`s carbon-rich layers, minute traces of natural elements are invariably captured inside the gem. These internal and external imperfections are commonly known as inclusions.

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