Whether you are looking for a custom made jewel or you want to create a piece from one of your drawing or design, DILETI is here for you. Together with our team, we will make the bespoke process simple and fun and we will bring your idea to life into a one-of-a-kind piece that your partner will love.

Transform love into an art form with Dileti’s custom-made lab diamond jewellery. Our commitment to environmental stewardship ensures brilliance and ethical sourcing.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship extends to creating our lab-made diamond custom jewellery. By utilizing lab-grown diamonds, we minimize our impact on the planet’s precious resources, ensuring that your symbol of love is also a symbol of responsibility.

Embrace the brilliance of love with Dileti and discover our exquisite collection of custom engagement rings, where lab-grown diamonds become the epitome of brilliance and ethical sourcing, forever entwined with your love story.

Offers affordable diamond jewellery

DILETI specialises in bespoke engagement rings and will create a piece that fits your budget and lifestyle.

DILETI offers affordable diamond jewellery, handamde in Anwterp, the heart of the world’s diamond capital. Our Belgian state-of-the-art facility guarantees the quality and authencity of our jewels without ever compromising on ethics and transparency. All our diamonds are certified and grown in our lab, making them affordable to all.

We are with you along each step of the way during the design and manufacturing process. You head the entire creation from the first sketches to the final jewel. You will leave satisfied and empowered from the experience.

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    How does our custom service work?

    1. Meet your designer

    First, you set up a consultation with our diamond masters, our highly-skilled artisans who will turn your dream idea into a reality. They will get to know you, your personality, your requirements what you like and together you will start working on your perfect jewelry.

    2. Design ideas

    Once you have started to discuss your style and budget with the designer, you will receive several design ideas to match your requirements and possible designs.

    3. Discuss your stones

    Together with the diamond master you will choose between the different DILETI diamond shapes and sizes. We can find th perfect diamonds for you. You’ll also discover the behind-the-scenes of Anwterp diamond’s industry and learn about the 4Cs and lab-grown diamonds.