The search for wedding bands is a unique venture, richly meaningful for the soon-to-be newlyweds. The rings are about to be forever blessed, as per tradition, uniting husbands and wives forever.

That is why Dileti has created a collection of affordable wedding rings, all sustainable and ethically sourced! This feat is possible because of our lab-grown diamonds at our state-of-the-art facility in the heart of the world’s capital for diamonds, Antwerp.

The choice of wedding rings may have an impact on the engagement one and more than ever, the new generation is being creative and going beyond our imagination when choosing rings.

Wedding rings

Dileti offers rings that perfectly fit and complement each other, without compromising on quality. Our recipe is simple: sustainability, quality, transparency and expertise. At a fair price, they also fit your budget.

Each of the Dileti rings is available online or to customise. You can choose from shape, size, cut, carat and clarity for any of our lab-grown diamonds. And that is what makes Dileti different and which will turn your traditional wedding ring into an innovative piece of jewellery.

Our diamond masters

Our diamond masters are here to accompany you along the way, whether you choose a ring 100% digitally or whether you seek more traditional in-person help. Our design team created each piece with a unique vision and thoughtful intentions to make sure they all fit different personalities, aesthetics and tastes.

There are so many wedding rings to choose from at DILETI that you can go classic and timeless or clean-cut and modern but also feminine and innovative. DILETI guarantees that no diamond is mined, all our diamonds are genuine and made in our lab in Belgium.

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